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Вasic research in ophthalmology – the modern perspective of new approaches to primary and secondary prevention of vascular diseases of the eye... р. 11 / New approaches to pharmacotherapy of allergic eye diseases... р. 18 / Prediction of disease duration and age of patients with different primary open-angle glaucoma changes... р. 27 / Remote monitoring of progression of retinopathy in patients with juvenile diabetes mellitus and different thyroid dysfunction... р. 44 / Our experience using of plication for treatment of strabismus... р. 52 / Riboflavin-UVA corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) and flat fitting RGP lens in progressive keratoconus...стор. 59 / Efficacy, tolerability and safety of tafluprost ophthalmic solution in glaucoma... р. 68 / Character binocular field of vision and quality of life in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma... р. 77 / The actuality of walking round (Filatov) stem at reconstructive operations in ophthalmooncology... р. 87


We live in a difficult time and are well aware that the implementation of modern intentions in the way of European development of Ukraine requires the entire healthcare industry, including us - ophthalmologists, radical changes not only in the approaches to the treatment and diagnostic process and education, but and in the system of information exchange, which will certainly contribute to the mastery of the latest data ophthalmologists world experience and their comprehensive implementation in Ukraine. Today we can say that Ukraine's ophthalmology in recent years have been marked by certain progressive changes, but the success in resolving many problematic issues in the field of diagnostics and treatment technologies in the future depends on our unity, the unity of professional and creative communication. We think that the new special edition "International scientific-practical journal "Ophthalmology " (state registration certificate in Ukraine (number 21145-10945R) can play in such matters an important role. We plan to present in its pages the latest research in the field of ophthalmology, clinical and experimental news, lectures and discussions, distance education materials for ophthalmology and family medicine, interviews with leading experts around the world, and the like. Each of us has been extraordinary situations and practical cases that we have carefully analyzed and discussed with colleagues, looking for advice from experienced professionals, so we hope that the materials of the journal can be helpful in dealing with a certain number of clinical issues. On behalf of the Editorial Board, which is represented by leading ophthalmologists and ophthalmic medical university centers of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Germany, Great Britain and Egypt, I invite you to fruitful cooperation on the pages of our publication. We expect that the submissions will positively affect the quality of our professional life in the way modern European direction of development and education, science and practice in the field of ophthalmology. In turn, we will be very grateful for the constructive criticism and look forward to the support and helpful ideas....Read More ...

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